Write An Essay On Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Technologies have been getting more and more advanced in this era globalization. People are getting use to technologies no matter they are the senior citizens or kids. Have you ever wondered what would this world look like if there were no technologies invented? You would have no air- conditioner, no water heater, no smart phones and etcetera. You would be living in cold and hot, you could only have cold water shower or bath and you could only spend your lifelong time doing something else than playing your smart phones. Isn’t that suffering and torturing? Hence, technologies have been bringing advantages to this world. Technologies have overcome human’s disabilities. Technologies have played an important role in the succession of this world and each country. On the other hand, technologies have brought disadvantages too. People have depended too much on technologies that have affected their creativity and communication.
In the 19th century, telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. Telephone has evolved into cell phone which is further more advance and handy. From that,
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The technique copy and paste have been used for years. For example, students may use copy and paste to finish their assignments given by teachers. They can just search the keyword over the internet and copy and paste the results in the assignments and the assignments are complete. Students do not need to think and squeeze their brain to complete their assignments anymore. From there, students will have a rusty brain because they just need to copy and paste but not to think and search for answers frequently. Slowly, students’ thought will be no longer creative as they will always have the same thought with others. Sometimes, assignments are used to brainstorm students, but if students do not complete assignments properly, then assignments will not have the effect anymore to brainstorm. Hence, creativity will be

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