Advantage Of Technology

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Technology can be explained by many definitions especially about the devices that people use, but Collins dictionary (2017), technology refers technology to the techniques, systems and strategies which are product of technical information being used for everyday purposes. Meanwhile, Ramey (2013) adds that technology is the body of information aiming to produce apparatuses, processing actions and extracting of resources. He also adds that technology is an application resources to find solutions. There are many types of technology that we use daily in our lives such as laptops, tablets, television sets and cell phones. Technology has many benefits into our lives, below are the advantages of using technology in a classroom. Advantages of technology in class According to Harkema (2003) state that firstly, it help learners to learn how to communicate using technology devices in their future careers, because lately every jobs demands people to be able to use technology in their different working fields. Secondly, technology gives learners an opportunity to be get involved and encourage them. Thirdly, provide learners with the opportunity to access information quickly. Learners can be able to access internet and learn more by connecting with other lessons to expand their learning. Lastly, technology promote social learning in classrooms because learners will be working in groups when doing tasks and sharing ideas as well as learning to cooperate and sharing at the same time. What
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