The Pros And Cons Of The Incas

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It was 1532 when Pizzaro set foot on Incan territory. The Incas declared war upon the Spanish and a battle soon commenced. But the battle was one sided, the majority of the blood shed was from the Incas and not the Conquistadors but was instead from the Incas. The battle was in no way fair as the Spanish had horses, steel, guns, books and germs on their side. Understanding why the explorers had an advantage over the explored is crucial to understanding why todays developed countries are the way they are and have an economical advantage over some countries. So are you ready to learn the secret to the Europeans success?
The first advantage that I am going to mention is horses. These allowed the Spanish to be more mobile and be able to kill people more easily. This could be seen when the Spanish used their horses to send their spears down at the Incas more easily. The horses also allowed the Incas to travel around the country more efficiently. The reason that the conquistadors had the horses is due to geographical reasons. Originally the horses were living in the Americas but over time they moved to Asia
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During the battle the guns used were quite primitive and could only kill at very close range. However the guns had another more useful use. The Incas had assumed the Spanish were the human incarnation of the thunder god. As the thunder god had a white face and so did them. Consequently, the moment the Incas heard the gun shot they ran in terror as they thought the sound was thunder. Since the Incas broke ranks it made it easy for the Spanish to kill Incas on their horses. The invention of using gun powder has a weapon had come from the Chinese and this knowledge had then been passed on to the Spanish. However the Incas were very isolated and as a result they did not gain knowledge from neighbouring civilizations like the Aztecs. This shows that due to their lack of specialization they did not explore and gain
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