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One of the most popular dishes in the world today is without a doubt a pizza. It is no surprise that Pizza Hut had become the largest pizza restaurant chain which develops widely in the world both in sales and number of restaurants, and it is auxiliary of Yum! Brands, Inc. Pizza Hut restaurants add up to more or less 340,000 restaurants with combination of delivery or takeout units, and kiosks in 470 countries. A recent Gallup Poll in the USA demonstrates that children between the ages 3 to 11 claimed to prefer pizza out of all the other food such as nuggets, burgers, macaroni, and cheese for lunch and dinner. Besides, when it comes to eating fast food, Americans preferred pizza than burgers according to a survey by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Americans eat approximately…show more content…
There is nothing much in the first page so it does not take too long to load compares to the other country’s website such as Philippines’ Pizza Hut website,

In the Dine-In Page, I think the size of the text of the navigation bar is too small to be seen. It looks small and cramped. Also, the sequence of ‘Our Menu’ should be rearrange. Many consumers are concern about the ingredient and the price of the beverages and food so the bigger font size the better. But as you can see in the Dine-In page, the description words and the prices on the menu were small and difficult to read. There is an moving advertisement in the Dine-In page, so it took some times to load.

Thirdly, the word “Stuffed Crust Upgrade” and the sentence beside it in the ‘Hut’s Delight’ page under the Combo Meals navigation button were too small too. Beside that, the menu of the ‘Add-On Special’ page is pointless. That page basically is combination of the Beverages page, Appetizers page, and Dessert

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