Advantages And Benefits Of Digitalization

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5. Benefits of Digitization of Library Resources
These can be summarized as access, support of preservation activities, collection development, institutional and strategies benefits, research and education. The obvious benefit of digitization is that it enables greater access to collections of all types. All manner of material can be digitized and delivered in electronic form. Digital materials can be made available to a broader audience than those who have the resources or ability to travel to see the analogue collections, and access can be expanded to non – traditional audiences such as lifelong learners.
Audiences can access the collections for often unanticipated and broad- ranging research interest. Whatever the audience, their access to the
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Challenges of Digitization of Library Resources
A. Selecting Documents: In an age of information explosion and information pollution, librarians are in a dilemma about „what type of records not to be digitized‟. The documents in high demand today may become obsolete even tomorrow because of the vast developments in the subject, printing and publishing industry. A digitized documents deselected from the collection is lost forever. To overcome the problem, librarians should seek the advice of subject experts in each field and users of the library about the importance of each and every record and from this list selection of records for digitization can be done.
B. Copyrights: The issues regarding copyright rise serious matters before librarians in digitization. Research scholars usually include graphs, data from books and journals without prior permission of the author. In a digital library, users are always demanding back issues of journals and rare historical archives for which the library has no copyright. This may lead to serious dissatisfaction about digitization among users, as a final solution to this matter; librarians must be given permission to digitize copyrights works in connection with

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