Advantages And Benefits Of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is someone who starts his own process of business. Meanwhile, the entrepreneurship should be responsible for his business or organization, his success or failure. They are not only good at creating but more adept at management. They are not inventors, but they may face more failure of the practice than inventors. Entrepreneurships prefer to take risks. Adventures can win the wealth for them. However, no matter how they are rich or successful, we should pay attention to their contribution for the society and economy. In the modern society, entrepreneurship plays an important role in a nation’s economic development. Entrepreneurships always use their advantages to make the economic grow well. The advantages can include that they provide the employment and improve people’s consuming ability; moreover, they make a contribution to nation’ tax and education. When the unemployment rate increases, the enterprise can provide opportunities to people who hunt for work to earn a living. When the world is eager for finding out…show more content…
They are not only responsible to their companies, but also to their countries. They use their brave behavior and good brain to make more wealth and opportunities for the country. Moreover, they are not just benefit for one aspect of improving economic. As we can see, the entrepreneurships provide the platform of employment. As the result, the rate of employment rise and more people have the chance to make a living. In addition, they also promote people’s ability of consuming. Thirdly, they pay the taxes for country every day in order that the economic can be improved. The most important thing is that their sprit can inspire more people to create their business in the country. Therefore, no matter the entrepreneurships use the direct ways or indirect ways, they make great contribution to the development of nation’s economic that we cannot

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