Advantages And Challenges Of Distance Learning

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Within the context of shifting market conditions and rapid technological change, the workforce is becoming more and more geographically dispersed. The challenge to keep this workforce knowledgeable and educated is being met by distance education programs. These programs are being offered by more and more organizations over their computer network or intranet. It is important for training professionals to understand the use of these networks so they can optimize their use of educating workers via an intranet. The following review of literature will provide an understanding of distance learning, computer-based training and intranet-based training. Distance learning is the most important aspect of any distant education program is meeting the instructional need of the student. Additional challenges often pop up because students are often separated from others sharing their backgrounds and interests, and have few opportunities to interact with the instructor. The instructor needs to find additional methods for interacting with their…show more content…
Challenges of Implementing Intranet
While there appears to be many advantages of implementing intranet-based training, there are also significant challenges. Inexperience in a web-based learning environment is a challenge for the student, the instructor, and the designer. Proper course design is still essential for the training to be successful. The people needed to create and maintain such a system may also be more than the organization originally thought.
The biggest challenge is that it is so new that the companies that are doing don't know what to ask for. They don't know what type of staff they need to actually create the training. It is such a brand new technology that a lot of people are being attracted to it from a lot of different professions. Right now a lot of instructional designers and people that were traditionally involved in interactive software and educational software are moving into the web-based training

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