Advantages And Challenges Of Tesla

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Challenges and Opportunities There were many reasons for the slow adoption of electric cars and the first obstacle was the price of electric cars. Electric cars were usually more expensive than the traditional internal-combustion vehicles. Another challenge that arises with electric cars were estimating what the cost was of owning an electric car. Consumers were not sure how much it would cost to charge their electric car while at home or away from home. Also, consumers did not know how much maintenance and repairs would cost if they owned an electric car. Another challenge for electric vehicle companies is to address the issue of range anxiety. Range anxiety is when consumers are concerned about if they will be able to charge their vehicles…show more content…
There are other auto manufacturers that sell electric vehicles, but Tesla is the leader in this industry for luxury, long range electric vehicles. Tesla is known for their high rate of innovation and they were also the first company to create a fully electric sports car. Their high rate of innovation is a strength that helps them create competitive and profitable products to their consumers. Tesla has a strong brand image that symbolizes their innovation and renewable energy solutions. With their strong brand image, Tesla can attract and retain customers. Tesla has a strong control on their production process, because they make most of their vehicles and components. Since Tesla makes most of their vehicles and components, they minimize the issues that are associated with third parties. The production facility used by Tesla is highly automated and each robot can perform up to four tasks to build up to 83 vehicles a day. Tesla has created some of the longest range electric cars in this industry, which helps serve the market that they are in. The market they are in is different than the market for cheaper electric vehicles, and the market for luxury gas vehicles. Also, another strength for Tesla is their robust sales growth in the last few years. Many consumers are excited about their vehicles and

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