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Healthcare is the improvement of health by diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of injuries, diseases and other physical, mental illness in human beings.It is provided by many leading global healthcare companies and practitioners. Healthcare is providing opportunities in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.It contributes to a significant amount in nations economy. Healthcare is highly dependent on patient-doctor interaction which is not very efficient at times due to nonavailability of doctors and the lack of hospitals, doctors, and medical care.Due to these reasons, the recent technology has designed health bots to overcome these issues. Chabot’s are the trending topic right now, as people seek knowledge about all the
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Growing technological progress has placed the internet-enabled machine in every institution, company, home, and eventually pockets.
One of the best-known examples of Chabot’s in recent is Siri-the AI assistant, part of Apple software(2011).since then every industry started to use Chabot’s eventually sparking a new trend of conversational bots have also started attracting market in the past few years.for example, health tap-first company to release a health bot on messenger allows the patient to ask medical queries and to retrieve answers from doctors.


In many cases, the solutions provided by doctors would not be usable to the patients due to the inclusion of medical concepts and terminologies. The answers provided by well-trained specialists of medical background may contain meaningful and non-standardized terms.the users faced issues with respect to these terms.the inconsistency of health content generated by communities greatly obstruct data exchange management and integrity. The users have faced many challenges due to different types of vocabulary or dialogue used in question response pair.Therefore, automatically coded health chatbots with medical information and emerging technologies are highly
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Steps to create intents :
• Go to intents tab under the workspace.
• Click add intent.
• Name the intent(example- #greeting) and click create intent.
• Type the name of the intent adds user Example, then press enter.
• Add Examples of #greeting # good morning #hi #hey BUILD A DIALOG

The Dialog Component of the conversation service uses the intents and entities that are identified in the user’s input plus context from the application to interact with the user and ultimately provide a useful response. Your dialog is represented graphically as a tree Steps to build dialog
• Click on the Dialog Tab.
• Click create, you will see two nodes – 1. Welcome, 2. Anything else
• Click on a Welcome node and replace default responses with the text.
• Click to close.
• Click on try it yourself and train the Bot.
• Add more intents and entities creating nodes in between the welcome and anything else node according to your bot services.
• We can further add child nodes under nodes to simplify and make the bot efficient.

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