Advantages And Differences Eat Out Vs. Eating At Home

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Everyday billions of people all of the world decide how they will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for themselves and/or their families. People enjoy gathering around food for all types of celebrations, football games, family gatherings, meetings, and more. Food is an absolute necessity in our lives as it is the fuel for our bodies and everyone has the choice to cook meals within their homes each day or they have the choice of eating out at a restaurant. In the time we are living in today there are a lot more restaurants available than there was 50 years ago and the number continues to rise. Both eating out and eating at home have advantages and disadvantages and we are going to consider both in this essay. While both eating out and eating at home are similar in they provide people a meal to eat, they can greatly differ in cost, convenience, and nutrition. First, cost is a large factor in the decision to eating out versus eating at home especially if someone has a large family. When going to a restaurant, meals are purchased per person versus eating at home is one overall cost for ingredients to prepare a meal. Eating healthy meals at home can cut your food budget drastically. When you consider that a healthy and satisfying meal can be prepared for less than $30 for 4, it is difficult to imagine that a run through a drive thru for the same cost is the best option ("Eating at Home Vs. Eating Out. 4 Compelling Reasons To Cook
Your Own Meals.", 2017).

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