Advantages And Disadvantage Of Caste

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Introduction- In 1936, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was asked to deliver the annual lecture by the Hindu reformist group, the Jat-Pat-Todak Mandal in Lahore. When the hosts received the text of the speech, they found the contents “unbearable” and withdrew the invitation. Ambedkar then printed 1,500 copies of his speech at his own expense and it was soon translated into several languages. Demerits of caste system- Caste system has completely demoralized & disorganized the people of our country. It prevents us from feeling as an equal with everybody & causes man 's inhumanity to man. It arises diversity & a portion between people. Anti-social spirt is the worst feature of cast. This anti-social spirit is not only confined with caste but also it divides caste into different sub castes which makes them feel an "interests of its own" which shuts it out from the benefits of full interaction with other groups, so that its prevailing purpose becomes protection of what it has got. Caste system evaporated the mutual understanding, trust between Hindus. A Hindu cannot be assured that his fellows will come to his help in need because the Hindu society is divided through anti-social spirit. Caste system divided the work system in a distinct way as to who will do what work. For which the tribal people are not prevailing even after a hundred years of civilization because they are born into low castes and are not allowed to work anywhere. If we want to make a social reform in our society, we will

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