Benefit Of Hydropower Essay

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Renewable source of electricity. Hydropower plants can produce electricity at a constant rate from water without the water getting consumed. This could be a great infinite source of electricity when the extraction of petroleum reaches an end.

Significant source of energy. Hydropower plants in 2009 were providing almost 16.5% of the global electricity production which is equal to 3 329 TWh. This is around 85% of the total renewable electricity generation.These statistics are expected to increase as the governments and investors are now more into hydropower energy since its clean reliable and affordable.

hydropower storage in reservoirs. When the production of electricity in a certain country becomes excessive
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Environmental problem: The environmental issues derived from the hydropower production are the main problems and concern of all chemical engineers from all over the world. They are diverse and caused by many…show more content…
Hydropower plants have long been promoted as providing cheap energy and water supply and is the most efficient way of producing electricity as 90% is converted into electricity whereas fossil fuels are only 50 % efficient. On the other hand, Installing and running hydropower plants is really expensive for the governments as that requires a huge amount of energy which not all governments can afford.
Dams can cause political conflicts. If a country build a large dam on a river which also passes through the neighboring country may cause serious political conflicts between the two countries, especially if its poor countries since the dam would block the water supply from the same river in the neighboring country. This was about to lead a war between the countries Sudan and Egypt.

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