Advantages And Disadvantage Of The North During The Civil War

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During the Civil War each side had some advantages and disadvantages. Before the Civil War there was the election of 1860, President Lincoln was elected president. The south knew that Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery, so the south seceded from the union. Then there was the attack on Fort Sumter, and the war began. “The war that ensued started at Fort Sumter, South Carolina, on April 12, 1861, and lasted four years”(Confederate.., pg1). The North and South were quite different, so during the Civil war, each side had advantages politically, socially, economically, and demographically. One of the Advantages the North had was Political. The South seceded from the Union because they feared the end to slavery, so when they left the union they had no government. After all of the states seceded, they announced the creation of the Confederate States of America. The south, then formed their government by choosing former war hero, Jefferson Davis as president, with vice president Alexander Stephens. The South’s government was new and wasn’t that strong, and the North already had an established government. The North had a better government; already giving them advantage. Although the North had a better government, the South was fighting in their homeland. The North was…show more content…
In the North, African Americans were free but in the South, the slaves were a big percentage of the population. Despite the south having a population of 9 million total, 4 million consisted of just slaves (Civil War Facts, pg 2). Even though the war was being fought for slavery, President Lincoln didn’t allow African Americans to fight. Two years in the war Lincoln changed his mind about black soldiers. One example of black soldiers is the 54th Massachusetts. Altogether, the North had more of an advantage in demographics because the South had a large population of
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