Advantages And Disadvantage Of Veterans Affairs In Military Service

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Veterans Affairs
Veterans have numerous advantages that mainly stem from the skills garnered from military service. The advantages include; leadership skills, work ethics, loyalty, responsibility, integrity and ability to work under pressure. Most veterans are entrusted with leadership responsibility because of military training and experiences in conflict matters. The tougher and rough working conditions are also critical in shaping the veterans solid work ethics. Most military men and women work 24-hours of duty in intense conditions.

The advantage of integrity comes from the job of being military personnel. The strict level of discipline such as prosecution for misconduct in which military people are brought will make it easy for them to want to serve a greater service. Military personnel can work under pressure, thanks to the thorough
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The benefits include compensation and pension, education and training, home loans, insurance and vocational rehabilitation and employment services. It is important to note that eligibility for most veteran’s benefits is based on non dishonorable discharge from active military service. The popular compensation and pension benefits include disability compensation and veteran’s compensation.

Disability compensation is paid to veterans with disability caused by injury or disease aggravated by active military service. The VA pension program, on the other hand, offers a monthly benefit payment to wartime veteran and their survivors. Veteran’s employment and training service program caters for veterans looking for assistance when transitioning into civilian life by helping them find a job and get the skills necessary to get a job. The program includes Transition Assistance Program (TAP), Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) and Local Veterans Employment Program (LVER) among other

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