Advantages And Disadvantages And Interpretation Of IKEA

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IKEA history 3-5

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This is an academic research report on IKEA. I am writing about IKEAs history and its place as lead manufacturer of furniture in the world. I have also chosen one piece of IKEA furniture that I found attractive. I have explained how IKEA have made the piece and then how I would make it and explained why I would. I will then give my personal interpretation of IKEA and the advantages and disadvantages that it has had on the furniture world. I finally conclude my report with my opinions on IKEA itself based on all the research I have done and all the information I gathered throughout the academic report.
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IKEA must pay 3% of its profits to the Stichting Ingka Foundation, founded by Kamprad in 1982, to license its own trademark. This non-profit foundation controls the Dutch corporation INGKA Holding B.V. which owns IKEA. This means IKEA is owned by charities so none of its profits are taxed. So basically, IKEA has one of the most intricate, lawful tax evasion schemes seen in any business. Although they are evading taxes though IKEA still does a lot for charitable organisations like UNICEF, Children in Need and WWF. In 2000 IKEA set up a childrens rights project in India. This project provided more than 80,000 children with an education and helped fight against child labour.
Because of IKEAs elaborate corporate structure, the company has never had to sell shares or take out any business loans which means it is not likely that the company will go public. According to, Kamprad, he has only taken out a loan once in his life. This was in the early 40s when there was a high demand for pens in Sweden. Kamprad borrowed 500SEK from a district bank to pay for the 500 pens he ordered in from
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To make pieces F into a crisscross shape I would use a lap joint. This joint is made by dividing the thickness of each piece in half at the joint and fitting them together. IKEA have also used the lap joint for these pieces because it is the most suitable joint for it.
To create the round edge on the top of the table I would router the edges on the table router and I assume IKEA did the same.
To join the top of the stool to the frame IKEA have used one dowel on each of the longer rails and 2 small screws just inside each of the smaller rails. I would not use any screws to attach the top, I would just use more dowels and glue. I would put a dowel in the centre of each leg top and in the middle of each rail and glue it down. This will ensure that the top is securely attached and there is very little chance of the stool coming apart.

Personal Interpretation
IKEA is both good and bad for furniture for many reasons. One of the best things about it is, of course, the good quality products at affordable prices. This allows people of an average income to have attractive, quality furniture in their home without having to break the

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