Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bridge

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A network is a combination of multiple network devices and computer software that allows computers to communicate with one another. The main purpose of any network is to allow computers to co-ordinate, communicate and collaborate with their customers, suppliers and associates. Such examples of communication would be, Emails, web browsers, text messaging,etc..
Some of the advantages of computer network are, file sharing, resource sharing, communication, flexible access and the ease of sharing information.

Question 1
A) Bridge
A bridge is a device that connects two or more different networks together. There are different types of bridges that we might come across today. First, there is the local bridge that connects local area networks ( LAN ) to each other. Second, we have the remote bridge which can form WAN link between LAN. Third, there is the wireless bridge where it can be used to join local area networks or connect other networks to the LAN. The function of the bridge is to ensure that the packets arrive at its correct destination and to filter out unnecessary incoming traffic only allowing necessary ones to flow pass. Packets are processed based on MAC address ( hardware address ) inside the incoming packet. B) Router
A router is a device that connects two or more computer interfaces together. Its function is to allow devices on different networks to communicate ( layer 3 ) with each other as well as ensuring the best-calculated path for

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