Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Journalist

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There are significant differences in the context of the reception of young journalists in mass media industry in Indonesia. The first, is the phenomenon of young journalists in the industry 's acceptance of mass media with a very large capital in Jakarta. For the area of Jakarta, which is being applied for as a journalist is very large. Generally come from a variety of courses. For them the profession of journalist is a glamour profession both financially as well as ideology. Since many applicants then, mass media industry sets strict acceptance system. Tempo for example, received 2,000 applicants to become a journalist in any period of receipt of employee. Of the 2,000 people filtered in about 15-20 people. After going through several tests, the future journalist will go into training classes conducted by the media industry.
Most of the mass media industries in Jakarta questioned the motivation of applicants to become a journalist. But they 're not so questions the motivation if applicants come from Journalism courses. Results of interviews with all the head of recruitment in the media industry to be part of this research say that motivation is a critical point that determine as acceptable or not. Motivation is important given the young journalist mental present with different motifs became a journalist in the past. Currently, many complaints about a lazy young journalist looking for information directly to the field.
The most common weaknesses assess Republika from young

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