A Career In Negotiations

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The lawyer is an independent professional who assists him as an adviser and representative in the defense of his rights and interests against public bodies and the rest of the individuals and private entities.
Nowadays, the lawyer 's vision is widely surpassed as a professional who only intervenes in the trials, and the citizen knows that having the prior advice of a lawyer in the negotiation phase of a contract, in the formulation of a In the mediation to resolve a conflict, or in the preparation of a marriage will or capitulation, to set an example, serves many times to avoid the costs and inconveniences of a trial and resolve the issue that concerns you Satisfactory way.
The lawyer is nowadays a multipurpose technician who, depending on
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H) Advice and management of intellectual property rights (trademarks, patents ...).
I) Defense against the imposition of sanctions and fines by any public body.
J) Drafting of briefs and appeals in all types of administrative procedures (forced expropriation, contracting with public administrations ...), management of their interests in the various agencies and obtaining all kinds of licenses, authorizations, subsidies ...
K) Constitution, management and dissolution of all types of commercial and civil companies, corporate restructuring operations (merger, excision ...), and general advice on company law (business, labor and tax aspects, administrative law).
L) Assistance and / or support to all types of meetings or meetings (societies, communities of owners, associations ...).
M) Mediation in family conflicts, business, labor ...
N) Intervention as arbiter of equity or right to resolve any type of disputes or conflicts between individuals or companies.
• O) Accident claims to the responsible parties, insurance companies and / or public bodies.
p) Management and claim all kinds of pension rights and social security (unemployment, retirement, maternity, disability
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R) Claim of all types of debts and obligations.
Surely you will be aware of it. That other professionals provide some of the services mentioned, and it is even possible that you. Of the opinion that the hiring of such professionals is more economical. On the contrary, you should know that the services provided by the lawyer are not more expensive or burdensome, and in any case the lawyer is the only professional who will advise or defend your rights and interests with all the guarantees:
1) Training guarantee: The lawyer is a qualified professional, university graduate in Law, who also participates in a continuous training program to update his
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