Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Written Constitution

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Constitution is the written law, the principles and rules of a country but also the relationship between the individual and the state. The powers of the government and the right of the people pumped from the constitution. Most of the states does possess a written constitution but United Kingdom isn’t one of the according to FF Ridley. Although a part of United Kingdom constitution as it said is written in several documents such as the legislations, the treaties, the conventions but also the in the judicial decisions. Instead of having a codified constitution in a single document United Kingdom choose to split it in several documents. FF Ridley has an opposite opinion and he support his position by saying that United Kingdom does not possess a written constitution because it fails to cope any of the four essential elements of a right…show more content…
The first main disadvantage is that a codified constitution can be described as rigidity. That means if United Kingdom codified its constitution it will lose its flexibility and eventually the chance to renewal every law need to amend. One great example is the United States constitution which has only had 27 amendments since 1787. Another significant disadvantage is the Judicial Tyranny. Judicial Tyranny is interpreted by the judiciary and such it can be the case that judge can legislate from the bench. , Another significant disadvantage, the parliamentary sovereignty would be effectively abolished. The principle of parliamentary sovereignty states that parliament can make or unmake or even amend any law it wishes. United Kingdom will lose a massive privilege if someday decide to codified it constitution. Last but not least, a codified constitution would give the judiciary a political point of view witch it will require from the ultimately supreme court to form judgements of issues with political nature that should be dealt by the politicians them
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