Acne Scar Research Paper

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Acne scars? Here are the methods that will help! Acne is the most common skin disease in Sweden and many get unsightly scarring. Some form large pompous scar that curves outward, and others are scars that look like pinholes. They may also be more or less red in color. It is important to remember that you should not start a treatment of acne is not completely healed. Often, a combination of several different methods to achieve the best results. The treatments available at many major skin care salons and laser clinics in Sweden. Here are the most common methods Fillers with hyaluronic acid How does it work? Water Retention hyaluronic acid is injected under the scar to moisturize and create volume. The increase in volume contributes to the…show more content…
A light filler can be made once a year, if necessary. The "rough work" need not be done again. Once you see results? Clear results are visible few days after each treatment. The end result sees about three months after treatment because the gel need time to take effect. For best results, you can supplement fillers with any kind of chemical peel. Who is it? Anyone who has deep and pitted scars. Fraxel laser How does it work? A pattern of laser beams making thousands of microscopic channels in the skin, causing the body's healing system starts producing healthy skin tissue. The heat from the laser also stimulates collagen production and improves skin texture in the long term. The laser has no abrasive effect without affecting just under the skin. How many treatments are required? 3-5, one month apart, depending on how much scarring you have. When you see results? Six months after treatment. Then the old skin had time to be replaced. The first week after treatment, the face may be swollen and red. Who is it? Those who have bumpy skin with irregular scars. Note Be careful when choosing finisher, there are many who claim to be "laser surgeons" without proper…show more content…
Surgery How does it work? Occasional scars are cut out with a scalpel. You simply go under the skin and lift the scar. Done under local anesthesia. How many treatments are required? Usually, everything is done for a treat. When you see results? As soon as the skin has healed, a few weeks after treatment. Who is it? Skin with few, relatively shallow scars. Radio waves (Matrix) How does it work? Radio waves, which is a gentler heat energy than, for example, the laser stimulates the skin in depth and increases collagen formation. How many treatments are required? 3-5 treatments, one month apart. When you see results? After more than six months. Who is it? Dark skin with scars because radio waves do not have any impact on skin pigmentation. Micro Needling How does it work? The roles of 1.5-2 millimeter needles rolled over the skin to create small hemorrhages. Stimulates skin collagen and increases the production of elastin, resulting in that the scars are reduced. How many treatments are required? A regimen of 4-6 times is recommended for best results. When you see results? After a few treatments, the skin becomes smoother. The end result sees a couple months after
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