Advantages And Disadvantages Of Advertising Campaign

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertising Campaign
Volkswagen put a lot of efforts on advertising throughout the years. Although the brand is well-known on the maturity stage, the company still needs to carry out with different advertising campaigns.
Positive image of brand gives better impression
Public relation is one of the tools used by Volkswagen widely. It is a highly recommended form of promoting a product. Public relations campaign can provide customers with the latest information of Volkswagen. Besides that, a successful campaign that has been created by Volkswagen could bring a positive and good image for their company. The ‘Safe and Stylish Balik Kampung’ campaign which is held for Hari Raya Aldrifitri celebration has provided a friendly impression for Volkswagen. As this campaign was a launched at a fashion show, celebrities who are invited as spokesperson also gained likeability to the campaign.
Build Awareness and Enhance Exposure
Volkswagen can use advertisement to promote the brand together with its products. An innovative advertising way could bring a higher impact and responses compare to the ordinary one. For example, the advertising campaign called ‘There’s a Volkswagen for all of us’ which used 36 dogs to promote 20 cars, is a creative way of advertising. From this campaign, Volkswagen has successfully built awareness on its new products to the customers. Besides, there was a teaser advertisement of this campaign which broadcasted on a
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