Problems In Agile Software Development

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Abstract— Software development is inventing new development methodologies in developing, tools, process and tools to test and delivering a high-quality software to end customer in right time. At recent years’ waterfall development become less attractive in the software industry and shifted towards the software developers methodologies such as agile, extreme programming. Agile brought the new dimension to software development as well as improved the development and testing process also, there are different agile development methodologies such as Scrum, FDD, Kanban, DSDM, XP, ASD, Lean, and Crystal, all these have different approaches in software development but share the same principle of the agile.
Nowadays software development adopted a new
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The Problem We Tackle
Agile bring one side benefit and one side lot of drawbacks [1], especially in software testing were software need to be well tested to make error free in a short time. In agile software development and testing goes most of the time with very little planning. The continuing changing requirements are a direct effect on the software quality.

The most known problem [2] we face in agile software testing are:
• Large software development project where software deliverables are pre defied with milestones and testing process is difficult to calculate the time for the development life cycles.
• Not having a sufficient test documentation lead towards the time-consuming process of further software testing.
• In less time developer not able to write a unit test, integration test for the software components.
• Adding the new testers to projects without having a proper software product and domain knowledge leads towards the possible software errors.
• Test planning may get in the trap due to shot development life cycle time and changing functionality constraints.
• Lack of software test infrastructure architecture design for the test automation can slow down the software testing
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Let’s consider lean principles [7] with agile software testing try to identify different metrics.
1. Transport – In agile testing, tester need to stay ideal when nothing tests and not able to work on test documentation due to constant changing requirements. Agile more focused on avoiding the long documentation of software testing.
2. Inventory – If test teams are working to distribute environment than it's important to focus on the learning one to one with the help of video conferences, voice online conferences and pre-recorded sessions instead of spending time on reading documents or self-educating.
3. Motion – Changing requirement in agile also affect test planning and scope, it's necessary to work at least some level of focused scope to avoid the software testing failures.
4. Waiting – In agile also sometimes software not delivered in time, so tester needs clear guideline what he can do more and contribute to teamwork.
5. Overproduction – In testing sometimes simple functionality also get a lot of bugs due to lack of skilled developers, in such situation tester need to stay ideal for the new software version release with bug

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