Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Pollution

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Can’t breathe this air no more- A critical Report on Air pollution

Pollution in the simplest terms is defined as the inclusion of unwanted particles in the environment. Impurities and other contaminations impinge upon the Earth’s natural environment and causing pollution. Human has also tampered nature by cutting down trees, use of vehicles emitting poisonous gases like Carbon Mono Oxide etcetera which add to the problem. The natural resources of the earth have been carelessly used for man’s greed which has impacted the land we live in, the water we drink, the sound we hear and the air we breathe. Air pollution is one of the biggest menaces faced by Human kind.
Air pollution is all around us. It might not be prominently visible in some areas as others but the truth is that air pollution is still there affecting us in some way or the other. It can cause diseases and long term health problems in people and people are not aware of this.
Air Pollution is a condition in which the quality of the air is degraded due to presence of harmful substances particulate matter, and biologically agents. Certain gases, particles and other unwanted substances have a damaging effect on the environment and humans. These particles are called, pollutants.
A pollutant can have

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