Advantages And Disadvantages Of Air Pollution

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Air pollution is the condition/ presence of adverse factors which are unwelcome to the environment because of high contamination by different substances from the earth due to human activities and nature then it cause harm to peoples life. Is the high amount of pollutants in the atmosphere where its concentration is beyond the environments capacity to handle then it end up causing diseases to peoples life, others are expose to skin cancer and body dehydration. It causes environmental damage
Harmful air pollutants to people life are as follows
CFCs- aerosol, refrigeration, air conditioning and foam- blowing industries- destroy ozone layer. Methane-feedlots, rubbish dumps- global warming. Carbon monoxide- vehicle emissions- restricts oxygen uptake, causes drowsiness, headaches, death global warming. Sulphur dioxide- burning of coal- acid rain and respiratory effects. Nitrogen oxides- vehicles emissions –combine to form photochemical. Volatile hydrocarbon - vehicles emissions. Forest fire, volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, natural radioactivity and evaporation of organic compounds.
Air pollution include industries and manufacturing activities
Manufacturing and power plant emit high level of carbon monoxides to the air with long chimneys, where lots of fumes and smoke are emitted to the air by them. Hydrocarbon released by petroleum refinery this it happens in the place where people stays/ near people residences.
Hauling and bulk transportation is playing a
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