Airbnb Advantages And Disadvantages

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There are many good points and bad points with Airbnb, one of the sharing economy systems. People can make a reservation where they want to stay easily by using an application of their smart phones or web pages of computers. Also, ordinary people can lend their houses to other people like foreign travelers. In terms of that anyone can be a host simply, there are some advantages that hosts give valuable, diverse and cultural experiences to others who travel around and make huge profits from renting their properties such as their houses and apartments. On the other hand, the guests who use the Airbnb system can stay in accommodations with low price. The Airbnb system has a lot of advantages, whereas it also has some disadvantages like a probability of serious crimes. Korea does not have the law which legally related to a host and rent of Airbnb system so far. Even though the unregulated system brings about some severe problems, many people still use the Airbnb system.…show more content…
In the past, there were only accommodations like hotels and inns. Therefore, the facilities in strange countries were just the meaningless place for us where we sleep and rest. These days, we can not only stay and rest but also experience the diverse cultures with Airbnb system because we rent real houses that the inhabitants of the region which we travel around actually live. The general public can help other people to have memorable experiences by renting their houses to travelers easily. We can also stay at much more comfortable houses cheaper than staying at hotels and other accommodations. In addition to the advantage of the low price, we get the opportunity of choosing elements such as interior, landscape, location and etc. as we

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