Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alipay

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What is Alipay?
Alipay or Zhi Fu Bao is the online payment method which launched by Alibaba Group LTD., in 2004 in China. Jack Ma is the founder and the e-commerce leader in China. Alipay is similar to Paypal but the usability is only for the mainland Chinese at the beginning. People can connect their Alipay account to credit card or bank account. Just make sure that the balance of the account is enough to do the transactions. Alipay is a secure place by 3 layers of password that people can do the transactions vie mobile application. Over 80 million transactions per day and more than 900 million accounts made Alipay is the leading third party online payment platform. Nowadays Alipay isn’t limit only in China but also accepted to all around
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Because it’s very convenience and easy. That made some times people can’t control their payment. They can do the transaction anytime they want. This may lead people lost their financial discipline. At the same time, there are someone who try to use the system’s loophole to steal the money in Alipay from another account. By switch the QR code, they change the merchant’s code and put their code instead. Then people can’t see the different, which one is fake. Finally the money that people transfer isn’t to the merchant’s account but it go to the robber’s account.

If people talk about the online payment platform. Alipay still the first choice for them due to above information. But if they pay more attention on the deep detail, they will found that it has pros and cons. Depends on how they use and get the benefit from it. A lot of merchants or companies got the money from their business vie Alipay, while the plenty of people got the convenience from Alipay’s options. Everyone can manage their financial on mobile phone or computer from anywhere and anytime. Just have the internet and alway be careful when they do the transactions. Don’t let another one know your passwords, check the QR code before pay something and alway check the account summary. These suggestions can help you to protect your account from the robber or someone who try to hack your account. From these cases show us that in the future, the bank note may turn to the collections in the museum. Because the world has totally change to the cashless
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