Advantages And Disadvantages Of American Families Today

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American Families Today The American family has undergone many changes since the 1900’s. More so, in the past 40 years, the nuclear family seen dramatic changes and has been described as deteriorating. There has been a dramatic rise in divorce, single parent households and child poverty. Studies have shown that children growing up in poverty-stricken single parent households are more likely to be affected well into adulthood. While this is the case, people are also living longer, and families are accommodating this change by living with relatives allowing for more bonding time then in previous generations. The idea of deteriorating values within America is subjective as there are advantages as well as disadvantages to the children of these families. A dramatic rise in divorce rates are producing high numbers of children living in poverty and single parent households. The United States is among 35 industrialized…show more content…
“In the United States, life expectancy increased from forty-five years in 1900 to seventy-eight years in 2007” (U.S Census Bureau, 2011). The longer life expectancies are a result from advantages to children and families such as advanced immunizations, improved housing, and cleaner drinking water. The multi-generational families allow children and families to spend more time with their grandparents. “Grandparents influence grandchildren directly when they serve as caregivers, playmates, and family historians who pass on information that solidifies a sense of generational continuity” (Brooks, 2010). In my opinion, the ability to have grandparents living with families, or around long enough to help raise and share history with children is invaluable and I find this to be one of the most advantageous aspects for children and

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