Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Absolute Monarchy The Best Form Of Government

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Thomas Hobbes in his book “Leviathan” argues that an absolute monarchy is the best form of government. He provided several reasonings in defending his views; laws obeyed, the interest of the people achieved, consistent laws and social utility maximized. In this paper, I will look at the advantages and disadvantages of having a monarchy, and I will support his argument that monarchy is necessary for society and why it is the best form of government.
In a monarchy, the sovereign can be self-motivated, and Hobbes agrees that the self-interest motivates a monarch just like everyone else leading to corruption and unfair distribution of wealth in a society. Hobbes asserts “when the public interest happens to conflict with the private, he usually
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Thus, the people have no say in their interest, which can only be achieved in a democracy. Therefore, the result of selecting the advice by the monarch does not fulfill what the society needs, and he could unfairly represent the rights of the people. For instance, Trump and his administration have a fixed position on immigrants, and Muslims enterings to the United States and the laws that he comes up with that hurts the states and neglects the public opinion on such topic. Nevertheless, Hobbes points out that the sovereign has his people that he appoints and that he believes that they will serve with full loyalty and commitment towards the society. Hobbes states “he can hear the opinion of men who are knowledgeable about the matter in question--men of any rank or status-- and as long in advance of the action and with as much secrecy as he like” (Hobbes 87). Thus, with the selected people Hobbes believes that that advice and opinions that the monarch is going to receive are going to be eligible and beneficial for the society as they know what is best for
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