Advantages And Disadvantages Of Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia nervosa is a serious disease and greatly affects your health. Also known as anorexia; it affects your health because of the lack of food you consume causes many different reactions. Not eating can leave you without the proper protein and nutrients you need. This also leads to different symptoms that affect you and your everyday life. In addition not eating for a while it also leads to malnourishment. Moreover other effects that may occur are, losing bone marrow, losing muscle mass, heart begins to get smaller and weaker, and your pulse and blood pressure start to get lower. However all of this can be solved and treated with nutritional treatment. Although this solution is basically eating certain foods you need there is a science behind it.…show more content…
Firstly, when you have health insurance a nutritionist comes at a good price, for a first time visit it can cost anywhere from ten dollars to forty dollars. Therefore this is a good deal, and if you need additional meet ups then it is only a copay or ten to twenty percent of the total cost of the visit. However that is with health insurance, if you do not have health insurance then it can cost a lot more. Thus without health insurance a first time visit can cost from one hundred to two hundred dollars. Being that if someone does not have health insurance it usually means they do not have the money to afford it, so this might be a problem for those with lesser money. Although having the first visit being that much if you need to see that nutritionist again it can range from fifty dollars to one hundred fifty dollars which might not be in budget. However you do not necessarily need a nutritionist to have nutritional treatment, if you believe you are strong enough you can lead the therapy yourself and save money. Consequently there are some ups and down on the cost of a nutritionist, but through these they are mostly

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