Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arab Countries

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All Arab countries suffer from political and economic problems. Some of them have debts. Some have high numbers of unemployed people. Some countries suffer from wars, invasions and pay the price of international compromises. Arab countries have all kinds of problems, but perhaps the most dangerous one, which they might not be aware of, is their vilification. Numerous exhibits try to vilify Arab countries using various tactics. Even before the Orlando nightclub shooting or the Pentagon shooting, Arabs Americans and Middle Easterners faced different stereotypes about their culture and religions. They were most of the times portrayed of being violent terrorists, abductees and ignorant. The anti-Arab propaganda appears the most in Hollywood movies and productions. In a well-organized tactic, Hollywood tends to present the Arab as the desert people without addressing them directly, but with the use of smart connotations and those indirect offenses play an important role in forming the imperfect image of the Arab countries in the other side of the world. Hollywood seems to be a film industry with a specialization of adhering to all US policies which has been obviously portrayed in many of its productions. Hollywood or the cinema of the United States is the oldest film industry in the world, originated 121 years ago. It has the greatest number of audience and it is considered as the largest in terms of revenue. It plays a vital role in bringing the US values and culture to the
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