Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriage

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Title: 3 benefits and drawbacks of having an arrange marriage

I strongly believe that an arrange marriage have both its benefit and its drawback. Some countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, other parts of Asia and African face prospects of arrange marriage. The definition of arrange marriage refers to a marriage which involves their parents or guardians in a process of selecting marriage partners for their children, with or without the help of a matchmaker. There are also several types of arrange marriage. Such as Child Marriage, Exchange Marriage, Diplomatic Marriage etc. However the biggest misunderstanding most of us have about arranged marriages is that an arranged marriage is the same as a forced marriage. The definition of a forced marriage is when one or both parties are married against their will. Therefore in my research paper, I will discuss why there is both benefit and drawback of having an arrange marriage. One of the benefit is that it enjoys the support of family and secondly, it also have lower divorce rate while the drawbacks of arrange marriage is, marital unhappiness.
There are many families in this world that practices arrange marriages as they prefer choosing partner for their children, so that they could lead a better life with their partner as they don 't want their children to suffer in the future. But there are also children that disagree to an arrange marriage, and thus they might get chased out by the family. Arrange marriage is
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