Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriages

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Arranged marriages

An Arranged marriage is defined as a marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship. It is a marriage that is planned by the families or a so-called “matchmaker”, the “matchmaker” is trying to find someone who will fit together with his client. In this essay I will discuss two different views on arranged marriage, both disadvantages and advantages.
In some cultures and religions, arranged marriage is very common, especially in the Middle East. Religions that use this type of marriage are in the Hinduism and Islam. Their parents or other relatives usually arrange the marriages. They believe that they know more about what their child wants and whom they should be with. In fact 80-90% of the marriages in India are arranged. It id seen upon as a tradition and it is a part of their culture.
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First, we have the marriage where the parents of the bride and groom have arranged it. They believe that their children belong together and that the marriage will keep the two families secured in the future, especially financially and for future generations. With a marriage like this, the families are united and they make a strong bond. Often in marriages like this, it`s decided early who their children will marry when they grow older, maybe the boy across the road or a family friend. On the other hand, we have the marriage where there is a “matchmaker” who tries to find someone who will look good together and are capable of taking care of each other. In a marriage like this, the couple are usually from the same social, economic or cultural group.
In an arranged marriage, the love is normally not there from the beginning. However, it will come as the time goes by. Their passion and love for one another will grow stronger. After a couple of years, most of the couples have created a strong foundation of love and trust. And this is why many of the arranged marriages last for a long

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