Advantages And Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence

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One of the disadvantages of AI is the high cost. In the creating an artificial intelligence requires enormous expenses as they are very multifarious machines and so its repair and maintenances. They have software programs which require numerous progressions to provide the needs of the changes in the environment and also the need for the machines to be smarter day by day. In the case of rigorous breakdowns, the procedure to recuperate lost codes and re-instating the system could require huge time and expenditure. Another disadvantage is that a robot or machine can 't replicate or replace a human being. Intelligence is a gift of nature. An ethical disagreement continues, whether human intelligence is to be simulated or not. Machines do not have any moral values and emotions unlike human beings. They execute what is programmed and can’t make the decision of right or wrong, but a human can make their own conclusion and can know what the right things to do. If they encounter a situation or a problem that is new to them, they can’t make solution based on what they’re real thought. They perform either breakdown or incorrectly in such situations. No improvement with experience is another disadvantage of AI. Unlike people, artificial intelligence can’t be enhanced with experiences. A machine is only capable of doing what is programmed in its system it doesn’t know what to improve unlike a human they can improve what was lacking in their abilities. Machines are unable to vary
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