Advantages And Disadvantages Of Assimilation By The United States

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I enjoyed reading your post. I know that you had stated that “it is evident that the command for assimilation by the United States takes away all that they have known”; however, I personally disagree and do not feel that the United States has taken all that they have known away. In the video Immigration: Maintaining the Hispanic Culture in the United States (2011), it does say that because their children are raised here, that their children are losing some of culture. With this said, I do not feel that the United States is taking all of their culture away. In the United States, we have numerous places that pertain only to their culture, such as grocery stores, restaurants, and places of worship.
Like you had mentioned and we had watched in the video, Hispanics/Latinos believe that education is important for their children. I think that anyone who has children feel the same way. Working in the school system, I personally believe that the United States is not taking this away from them. My school caters to students who speak Spanish by providing them with extra help that teaches them English, reading, writing, and math skills.
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Compared to other groups like you had pointed out, yes, I would agree that they are at a disadvantage; however, I do not feel that this disadvantage is because the United States is taking it away from them.
Other than education, because you had mentioned it in your post, what other aspects do you feel that the United States is taking way from Hispanics/Latinos? How?
Here is an article that compares Hispanics/Latinos assimilation from recent assimilation to three-generations of
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