Advantages And Disadvantages Of Autocratic Leadership

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Autocratic Leadership (Authoritarian):
A leadership style in which an individual is in control of all the decisions and tasks and his/her “followers” have little to no say in the final decision.
- They don’t have group members, they have followers.
- There is a clear division between the followers and the leaders.
- They are in complete control.
- Managers hold as much decision – making authority and power as possible.
- Choices are made, based on their own ideas and judgements.
- Employees are not consulted, nor are they allowed to provide any input.
- Leaders dictate how, what and when a particular task needs to be done, by providing clear expectations.
- Orders need to be obeyed, by employees, regardless of whether an explanation has been given or not.
- Autocratic leaders do not trust employees.
- Completion of tasks are their main priority.
- The creation of rewards, punishments and threats are considered motivation.
Advantages of Autocratic Leadership Disadvantages of Autocratic Leadership
A large group of people do not need to be consulted in the event of a decision that needs to be made quickly. Leaders are considered bossy.
In order for a task to be completed efficiently and quickly, strong leadership is required. Leaders are controlling and dictatorial. There is often resentment from group members. Followers often have difficulty providing creative solutions to problems.

Autocratic Leadership can be used effectively in situations where the leader is the most

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