Advantages And Disadvantages Of Automation Machine

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Man Vs Machine The Advantages of Automation over Human Labour Michael Doyle K00180480 Process Engineering & Management Limerick Institute of Technology, Limerick City, Ireland Abstract: This journal, which will be submitted through turn it in, briefly discusses the advantages of automated machines in the workplace over human labour. The simplest definition of automation is an automatically controlled operation of an apparatus, process, or system by mechanical or electronic devices that take the place of human labour. My overall aim in this journal will be to show the reader the advantages of automation in various types of industries, and also give many examples of this. Introduction: Ever since machines have been able to complete…show more content…
Automation Disadvantages:  Less Versatility – by having a machine that can only perform a particular task, this limits the flexibility and variety of tasks that a human labourer could do.  More pollution – some types of machines operate using motors, fans etc. Some also use gases or chemicals in order to function. This will cause an increase in worldwide pollution.  Large initial investment – automated machines can be one of the most costly operating systems in a company. With automated machines running anywhere between thousands and millions of euros depending on the type and degree of automation.  Increased unemployment – by increasing the amount of automation, there are less employees needed, therefore causing large rates of unemployment.  Unpredictable costs – there can be several unpredictable costs that may exceed the actual cost saved by the automation itself. Some of these costs could include research and development of an automating a process, preventative maintenance costs, and the cost of hiring skilled employees to operate the
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