Advantages And Disadvantages Of Autonomy In Higher Education

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“Advantages and Repercussions of Autonomy in Higher Education -An Indian Perspective”
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This paper is an attempt to provide an overview of of Autonomy in the higher education system in India its design , development ,and the mechanism set up to ensure the fulfillment of the objective laid down in the scheme of the grant of Autonomy vis-à-vis the Status of Autonomy in India it also highlights very
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While the former emanates from the funding agency, mostly the Government, State or Central the latter is anchored to the top administrative layer of the institution. The one is by design and the other is by bureaucratic choice in an otherwise free academic environment. Consequently, when an institution has an ever-expanding role, the pervasiveness and impact of fund shortage and financial centralization are both getting more extensive and intensive on its performance or accomplishment. The crucial test of efficiency and effectiveness of Institution administration lies in the fulfillment of the stipulated objectives of higher education. Its policy must effectuate into successful programmes and consistently seek to strive for them, failing which, ends up in an administrative abortion. College administration functions may broadly be classified as (1) service function (2) protective function (3) primitive function and (4) preservative function. Service function is basic and it is to sub-serve the requirement of students, teaching and research. To this is to be added to welfare aspect also. The protective functions refer to safeguarding the rights and privileges of all members of the College community. Recruitment, admission, service matters, health delivery system, obligatory responses and the like are included. The primitive function is directed at realizing self-realization for all members facilitating enjoyment of academic freedom and
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