Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bakery

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The purpose of this study was to bakery consumption choices of consumers who love and interesting bakery. Moreover understand the disadvantage and advantage of bakery as well as their purchase decision process. This research is quantitative design by to give questionnaire to 170 peoples in university of phayao.

The history about bakery. Basically, if we mention about bakery most of people think of bread is type of bakery. The history about bread dates back to ancient Egypt, for over 10,000; where they used to crop grains along the Nile River for bred production. Although such food was used as compensation forms at work, they were found to be basic and showed a social importance (Franklin, 2003). It believes that for around the year 2500 BC, bakers began producing the first fermented breads. However, according to Ramos (2011), the oldest evidence of fermented bread consumption was also found in ancient Egypt and date back to around 3000 BC. In addition, some historians state that the yeast was used for bread-making purposes in the prehistoric period. Bread production became a profession, and its sale in large scale gave rise to bakeries. Santos (2012) points out that bakeries spread throughout the world in the twelfth century, the occasion on which France became the world center for the manufacture of luxury breads. At the same time, new baking techniques and bakery improvements were studied in Italy. Thus, Italians are found to be res-ponsible for bakery

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