Advantages And Disadvantages Of Banana Chips

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Saging Saba/Banana Plantain Dessert: 10 Ways The Philippines may be a "Banana Republic" due to the political instability besetting our country. However, all the negativity aside, we are indeed a nation of bananas, for out of our fertile agricultural soils come hectares upon hectares of banana plantations. I remember back in my high school days a trio of Japanese girls singing "Banana Chips" song, and I said to myself, "Wow, our banana chips are truly world-class." That song was a hit for many years, and so are our banana chips and other banana products until this day. As a tribute to our humble, yet delicious saba bananas, we offer you the top 10 ways you can make and enjoy banana desserts. Ready, set, go bananas! 10. Banana Chips While you can make your own version of banana chips, save yourself the trouble and head to the nearest grocery or convenience store. Our banana chips are export quality and come in either clear plastic packaging or colored ones. Banana chips are made from unripe plantains, sliced thinly, fried, and coated with caramel. Pinasugbo or Consilva is another variation only that the caramel or molasses are so thick and sticky, you get a delicious lump of banana goodness, topped with toasted sesame.…show more content…
Boiled Banana If you're too lazy to do anything with the banana, it's absolutely all right to eat it raw. Anyway, just dump them ripe bananas into a pot, add some water and let them cook through. Eat them alone or with fish bagoong. Not technically a dessert, but this is the simplest way to prepare plantains. 8. Minatamis na

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