Advantages And Disadvantages Of Banning Smoking In School

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A.Shrenik Reddy BEW: Prof. Dhannya SMOKING Should be smoking banned at school? Yes, smoking should be banned at school or in the college campuses as it makes a healthy environment for students to go to college. Smoking also causes lung cancer. If smoking is allowed in school it encourages many students to smoke as the school is allowing them to smoke, as it is a bad idea if smoking is allowed in the campus. The only thing comes out of smoking is pleasure and it is a personal freedom verses public health issues. Some of the harmful effects of lung disease, cancers, heart disease and emphysema. Banning smoking also helps the smoker to quit, since they are unable to smoke much if they live on campus. As we all know that there are many disadvantages of smoking. “Smoking is injurious to health and causes lung cancer”…show more content…
By allowing students to smoke on campus or at school they will be more used to smoking in school after every hour which will lead them to many health problems. As it will be very difficult to any sports person if he smokes as many of the smokers cannot run much or work much if they smoke in regular basis. As smoking also makes person ill especially students who work hard much or work physically much. Not only students it is about every person. Smoking have many disadvantages as this will decrease a life span of a person. Smoking also symbolises the personality or an attitude of a person which makes him dirty in the world. So we need to ban smoking in school as this will lead to many affects for the students and will also damage the image of the student in the campus in front of the other students or teachers. Mainly smoking should be banned to the students who live on campus as this will desperate many other students to

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