Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being An American

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I feel like kinda doesn 't mean anything to be an American, i honestly don 't believe everyone is treated equally. There is always some treating someone else like they are lower than them, just because you possibly have a better job or make more money doesn 't mean you 're any better than anyone else. What i have seen so far in my 18 years of living is that there is always going to be that person that thinks that their so much better because they have better things or that because there parents make good money that they 're going to be better. Regardless of what your parents make are what you make as an adult it doesn 't make you a king or a queen our eyes. If you act like you are more important or better than someone else they you 're just causing attention towards yourself and making you look like so horrible person. Those are just some negative reasons what it means to be an…show more content…
There is always some positives to being an american of course for one you have freedom in a way, we have freedom of speech people but then there is some people that don 't really like other options and that just starts conflicts in society which isn 't a
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