Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Vegetarian

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Nowadays, most people still cannot accept the concept of being a vegetarian as they have grown up in eating meat culture. Although more people are willing to try it for their health, most people prefer to eat meat as their main deal. Honestly, there is not any disadvantage of being vegetarian if you do it in a proper way. On the other hand, there are lots of advantages of being vegetarian, including have a lower body weight, have better cholesterol levels, live longer, have a lower risk of developing cancer, and have a lower risk of developing several diseases.
First of all, having a lower body is goal of most women, especially teenagers.
According to the research done by Cancer Research UK, the researchers found out those, who continue eating meat may carry on having more weight than people who are vegetarian. Moreover, the study also discovered that vegetarianism has lower body weight than those meat eaters when they are getting older. Second advantage of being a vegetarian is having better cholesterol levels.
Scientists of the University of Toronto and St. Michael 's Hospital found out a vegetarian diet made up of specific plant foods which can provide lower cholesterol as well as drug treatment. Based on the study of the Journal of the American Medical Association published in the July 23, they compared “A diet of known cholesterol-lowering, vegetarian foods to a standard cholesterol-reducing drug called lovastatin.” More over the research also proved that "The diet

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