Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bilingual

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English Written Task- Part 1


Our world is constantly evolving which leads to a change in our linguistics and knowledge of languages. It is and advantage for an individual to be bilingual in today’s world and to acknowledge others culture in order to be successful in businesses.

This written task specifically focuses on the aspect of: Demonstrate an awareness of how language and meaning are shaped by culture and context. This is a significant point, because the world has become so interconnected that being bilingual is almost an asset that one must have. .

To be bilingual means to be fluent in two or more languages. English is the most widely used language in the world even though more people speak mandarin. By being known as ‘the world language’ it proposes the idea that everyone should have basic knowledge
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When we grow up it will be the language that we use to share our ideas and opinion. If there would not be a global language, we would have difficulties communicating across the whole global, and most likely wouldn’t be at the stage of globalization we are today. Ultimately, we notice the world becoming smaller thanks to fast communication through the Internet and the technological advances.
Advantages of Bilingualism
Scientists are a bit fuzzy on the specifics on how bilingualism can really affect your brain, but they are certain it has positive influence.
You might have heard that bilingual children are smarter, but that is not true depending how you define smartness. Each individual has strengths in different fields.
Cathy Price a neuroimaging researcher at the University College London carried out a study to map the bilingual brain. Her research showed more gray matter in their posterior supramarginal gyrus was discovered in a brain scan - which has previously been associated by researchers with vocabulary acquisition.

(Image of a brain scan Price’s team took of a bilingual
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