Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biomedical Model

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The biomedical model of health is present in modern Western societies. Since it looks mainly at ill health being caused by biological factors, including lifestyle choices like smoking, unhealthy diets and lack of exercise, this could be seen as "blaming car breakdowns on poor maintenance and lack of proper servicing, or on bad luck" (Browne. 2011). The biomedical model maintains are the only people suitable to deal with our sick bodies. Hospitals and other clinical environments with specialist medical equipment, is where treatment should be given and received. Doctors have power in the biomedical model and are also able to maintain it. Furthermore, this approach is supported by scientific research, much of which is impartial and proved beyond reasonable doubt. Some disadvantages however are, that patients are known not as the individual person they are, but as their diagnosis. Both patients and healthcare workers dislike the loss of the 'care factor ', as more emphasis is on the modern technology used. Increasing evidence also shows that holistic care can have improved health results in its own right. The regulation of women 's bodies by controlling their sexual…show more content…
A biomedical nurse would use mainly the medical sciences to help cure the individual, A social model nurse would draw from various disciplines (sociology, psychology) to promote health and well-being of populations. A biomedical nurse would be drawn to acute care, especially critical care while a social model nurse may be drawn to primary care and public health. A biomedical model seeks to change the individual, A social model nurse would seek to change society. A biomedical nurse has little need for history and politics, a social model nurse understands her history and political action. A biomedical nurse has little need to use a sociological imagination, a social model nurse needs to develop her sociological
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