Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometric Technology

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Despite the numerous benefits of deployment of biometric technology to identification systems, it major disadvantage is that it is prone to vulnerabilities attacks either at the user interface or between modules or on the database template. Some of these attacks (Anthony & Mary, 2011)are highlighted as follow:  Replay attacks
 Spoofing
 Tampering
 Substitution attacks
 Trojan Horse attacks
 Overriding yes/no
 Masquerade attack Over time biometric encryption is used as a solution to biometric security threat(Cavoukian & Stoianov, 2007),(Jain, Nandakumar, & Nagar, 2008). Biometric encryption is either symmetric or asymmetric. The process in which a single key is used for the purpose of encryption and decryption is known symmetric encryption. Whereas, asymmetric encryption involves the use of two different but related keys-the encryption key, and decryption key
However, some Information Communication Technology experts have criticised the fact that several agencies are deploying biometric technology in their operations. They view it as wastage of resources, as government should have, otherwise, cooperated with National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) to build a central national biometric database that can serve the need of all(Agoyi & Seral, 2010)undertook a study that explained the ability of a form of asymmetric encryption, the Elliptic Curve asymmetric encryption technique to provide high security with

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