Advantages And Disadvantages Of Biometrics

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Introduction: Did you watch Mission Impossible V? And saw how Tom Cruise unlocks his BMW with just placing his fingerprints on the window? Or how about Get Smart, and how Steve Carrel and Anne Hathaway use eye recognition and voice recognition to get access into spy organization? Isn’t it astonishing at how biometric technologies are being shown commercially, and are accessible in many different fields, that just amaze you every day? Biometrics was at first believed to be science fictional, but now, it has been increasingly used for identification and verification. Biometrics comes from the Greek word meaning: bios is life and metron is measure, which refers to a study used to uniquely recognize an indivual based of a physiological trait. Biometric technologies is a recognition system that perceives a man taking into account an element vector inferred from a particular physiological or behavioral trademark that the individual has. This system commonly is used in two ways: recognition or identification. This type of technology is being used in multiple fields such as: medical, social, and security. It is more convenient to use than other methods of identity authentication, since some people may forget their ID at home, or leave it somewhere they don’t remember where. Thus, people will instead be using their biometric devices. Envision confirming your identity, at any store, by simply placing your finger on a sensor. Just like any other scientific method being developed, it
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