Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bitcoins

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Bitcoin is the bridge to a new, vastly freer, dependable, honest, and democratic world. Of course we can simply use Bitcoins for fun, profit, and online transactions if that is all we are after. Why stop there though? When using Bitcoins, we enter a system with massive benefits which include: almost no fees for transfers such as bank wires, the possibility of complete anonymity or privacy with all the financial privileges, and no central bankers or government stealing your Bitcoins. Bank account theft has recently occurred in the banks of Cyprus, as well as in Argentina. This, in addition to worldwide inflation, has encouraged people to look for a better banking solution. Bitcoin takes the reins from those people, institutions, and even governments that control our currencies, and puts the control levers solely in all of our hands. Yes, we finally get to control our own currency. Bitcoins can unlock the guarded door of prosperity by raising the wealth and prosperity of everyone. It helps accomplish this by being a deflationary currency. Bitcoins increase in value relative to dollars or euros, etc. by default because of the limited amount of Bitcoin currency entering the system. This helps make the same amount of Bitcoins buy more stuff we need year after year. Bitcoin can free us from the prying eyes of tax codes, bank fees, or any number of confiscation games played by governments, banks, and “authorities.” While this is a controversial application of Bitcoin, this book
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