Rubber Reinforced Concrete Case Study

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Advantages Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
1. The application
GFRC is a material that has multiple functions which can be used in the construction of trim, columns, balustrades, ornaments, pedaments, sills, copings, window and door surrounds, site furnishings and the others more. This is because GFRC is a lightweight product and easy to handle compared to the other normal concrete product.GFRC design is also easy to be formed, compared with the cast stone which is cast stone need to be vibrated in order to eliminate or reduce air and water that contained in the cast stone concrete.

2. The strength of GFRC
GFRC is a product that has high tensile strength, which are indispensable in the construction of a stronger building. The flexural strength that can be produced by the GFRC, can reach up to 4000 psi, and it has a very high
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Fiber has a mechanical strength that help to improve the strengthen of GFRC • Tradisional concrete only using cement, aggregate and water when mixing.
• Bending force is stronger due to the presence of glass fibers used • The flexure strength of tradisional concrete is depends on type, size and volume of the course aggregate that being used in the mixing.
• GFRC allow for the limitless of the design opportunities. It is because GFRC is more lightweight and easy to be design in many ways • Normal concrete is more weight if compared to the GFRC product and because of that its to difficult to design the concrete in many ways.
• GFRC can withstand a high amount of water, erosion caused by weather, alkali and corrosion • due to the size and type of aggregate used is different for each concrete mixture, the durability of traditional concrete is less than

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