Advantages And Disadvantages Of CBCS Syllabus

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CBCS syllabus help students to learn at their own Pace and undergo additional courses to acquire more required number of credits and also focuses on practical learning then the theoretical learning another important feature of CBCS syllabus is that it promotes mobility and collaboration with industry and foreign partner to Foster innovations possible this can go along with capacity of buildings students the best part CBCS syllabus is that it has its level certification for giving duration and have a dick pill structure of courses.
CBCS also study with well defined name for each course papers instruction hours per week end credits marks for comprehensive continuous assessment and term and examination as percentage of total marks another advantage is that along with the main core course the students are also given an option of an allied optional which can be from an unrelated discipline though there are some drawbacks CBCS system such as much paperwork and the voluminous data of the students the benefits compensates the drawbacks.
CBCS is known as the student centric educational reform because his student is highly flexible and he 's not born to a particular domain can approach to education in his or her own pace of learning slow normal or accelerated plan sequence and may venture out to acquire extra knowledge proficiency to add on facilities the process is more scientific and logical nature and it is very relative aim of performance against evaluating in an

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