Advantages And Disadvantages Of CPEC

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Industrial free zones on CPEC route will link all parts of Pakistan and there will be more trade locally and internationally. Economic Development: China Pakistan Economic Corridor will boost up economy of Pakistan towards revival of its industry and to advance economic interests. Pakistan will attract top economies of the world and foreign investments will come to Pakistan. CPEC will not only benefit the national economy of Pakistan but it will benefit the economics of people at basic level as well. Balanced environment in South Asia: Pakistan will come out of US influence and will act independently. CPEC will bring Pakistan in commanding position and it will help to build strong ties with Afghanistan, Iran and India which will bring positive change in whole region. US doesn’t want CPEC to succeed as it will balance environment in region.US will keep on supporting India to break the balance and make India a hegemonic power to achieve its interests. On the other side, China will help Pakistan to become a great power in region. End of Poverty: People of Pakistan will benefit directly from CPEC.CPEC will give Pakistani’s a chance of improving their lives as people will be given direct ownership of different projects that include industrial park projects, installation of nuclear reactors, construction of dams, garment industry and networks of roads and railways. People will also benefit from new hospitals, vocational training institutes, clean water and student exchange

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